Write For Us

We understand that the science writing industry is competitive, with many aspiring writers simply not given opportunities to showcase their often brilliant work. At The Skeptical Chemist, we’re committed to providing both scientists and non-scientists a platform to share their sciencey interests with the world. We do our best to give individuals much needed experience in science writing, offering guidance throughout the drafting process along with a small cash compensation after publication.

We generally look for writing that fits into our ‘Everyday Science’ category, with articles that explain concepts in nature to a wider audience. Topics like ‘why is methanol toxic, but not ethanol?’ and ‘how pandas evolved to become vegetarian’ are some good examples.

For those with a strong science background, we’re happy to receive pitches for more specialized topics regarding advancements in all fields of scientific research. Science-related tutorials and step-by-step guides are also welcome.

Should your pitch be accepted, ensure that your draft follows these guidelines:

  • Original pieces of 1000-1200 words in length
  • Facts and statistics must be referenced to reliable sources (reputable journal articles preferred)
  • In-text superscript numbering, with APA-style references, e.g.:
    Stoller, M. D., Park, S., Zhu, Y., An, J., & Ruoff, R. S. (2008). Graphene-based ultracapacitors. Nano Letters 8(10), 3498-3502.
  • The writing style should be short and succinct, avoiding unnecessary jargon
  • Example articles are all over our website!

Important: There is no hard deadline for submission after your pitch has been accepted. However, once you submit your first draft, please ensure timely correspondence with our editors to address issues/changes.

  • A fantastic community of folks from all over the world will have access to your writing
  • Close guidance and feedback from an assigned editor, working with you on your draft to its publication
  • Get your writing out there to kickstart or build upon your science writing portfolio! 
  • Be featured on our social media platforms
  • Add your author bio on our website, with the option to include links to your personal website and social media
  • A small cash compensation of ~US$20 for your time 

Fill in the form below with a pitch about what your submission will be about, why the topic is worth explaining and how publishing it will benefit/interest our readers. We’ll toss the idea around and, if successful, an editor will get back to you in a week or so. You may also choose to include your qualifications, previous publishing/writing experience, related achievements, research, etc.