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cat looking out of slit in a door

Quantum Mechanics and You

Why should anyone bother learning quantum theory? Quantum effects only take effect at tiny scales, after all. Life would be fine and dandy if we stuck to just the classical laws of physics. But to do so would be depriving...

methamphetamine crystal

How Methamphetamine Fueled Blitzkrieg and Beyond

The initial success of Nazi Germany in World War II is largely attributed to the strategy of Blitzkrieg – quick, surprise maneuvers through enemy territory that left their opponents with little time to react. The tremendous physical and mental strain...

head with brain divided into segments

A New Hypothesis for the Increased Rates of Autism Worldwide

We observe a steady increase in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) mainly in developed countries, where stressors like famine, pollution, stress and chronic inflammation are at their lowest levels in recorded history. Specifically, current conditions for humans in developed countries have...