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The Tragic Tail of Tributyltin

A long standing area of research is that of stannanes, or organotin compounds, that were first discovered almost 200 years ago and continue to be relevant in industry and academia today. Although the mono- and tetra- substituted derivatives of tin are relatively non-toxic, di- and especially tri- organotin compounds can have serious adverse effects on the human body as well as the environment.

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Big Creatures Carry Big Mysteries

Beneath the surface of the oceans, there is silence. Rarely disturbed, it is often forgotten that sound travels through water four times faster than in air. Whales however never forget, and have taken advantage of this, using low amplitude vocalizations that can be heard many kilometers away. But do these ‘songs’ carry a purpose? Or do whales simply like singing in the shower, so to speak?

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Light in the Deepest Depths, Part 1

If asked to imagine a place on Earth unexplored by humans and bereft of our influence, mythical Utopias such as Shangri-La and the Garden of Eden springs to mind. But such a place does exist, with slightly better accessibility yet no less mysterious: The Deep Sea. What in the world goes on down there?

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