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How To: Decide Between Liquid or Gas Chromatography

Chromatography is a technique used by scientists throughout all disciplines; many different separation techniques exist, each catered to a specific type of analyte. That’s because the principle behind it is simple, separate a mixture of compounds based on their physical or chemical properties. These techniques can be very broadly classified by their ‘mobile phase’, either liquid or gas.

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The Faults in Our Wines

To all you wine lovers out there, have you ever wondered how many chemicals are involved in conjuring the unique taste of a wine – grapes from a certain vineyard, harvested during a particular year, aged in a carefully selected barrel. These are just some of the factors that contribute to the thousands (yes, thousands) of chemicals that affect a wine’s taste. But what if somewhere during the process of winemaking, something doesn’t go quite right… Continue reading “The Faults in Our Wines”

Chemistry is A Piece of Cake

When you think about it, baking involves a lot a of precision: measuring, timing, a certain gracefulness which yields a delectable product. And yet, few pastry chefs deem it necessary to understand what happens at a molecular level throughout the baking process. And what in the world is gluten??? That ends here; welcome to the chemistry of baking.

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