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Climate Change: One Planet, One Chance

The global fight against climate change recently took a huge blow, when the U.S. government announced plans to relax its stance on carbon emissions. But the latest setback concerning climate change is treated with the usual indifference; why is it...

wormhole space time spacetime travel stars

Traversing The Space Between Galaxies

Inevitably humans – or our evolutionary descendants, whatever they choose to name themselves – will have to leave Earth to survive. We would have to settle on a different planet, in a different system, possibly in another galaxy. But the...

Health Benefits and Risks of Coffee

Whether you’re in a meeting, lecture, class or just working late, for a lot of people the first thing that springs to mind is coffee. As 125 million people are regular coffee drinkers, it is not surprising that it is...

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Use Or Abuse? Corticosteroids For Pain Relief

You may have heard of injured athletes who are made to ‘play through the pain barrier’ with the help of ‘injections’, these are actually corticosteroids – the gold standard of anti-inflammatory medicine. While this is somewhat of a common practice...