The Faults in Our Wines

To all you wine lovers out there, have you ever wondered how many chemicals are involved in conjuring the unique taste of a wine – grapes from a certain vineyard, harvested during a particular year, aged in a carefully selected barrel. These are just some of the factors that contribute to the thousands (yes, thousands) of chemicals that affect a wine’s taste. But what if somewhere during the process of winemaking, something doesn’t go quite right… Continue reading

Authority, Pseudoscience and Amy Cuddy

If you have surfed the interwebz in the last five years, chances are high that you would have stumbled upon one of Amy Cuddy’s articles or talks about ‘power posing’. Admittedly the argument that she weaves is actually convincing, and the simple fix she suggests to help with stressful situations most compelling. But what part of this claim is actually evidence based research, and what part is abusing authority to stretch scientific truth?

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Coffee Chemistry

Like many others out there, I require at least one cup of coffee a day to function – in fact I am drinking a cappuccino as I type this. Interestingly, there is more chemistry involved in the brewing and consumption of coffee than just getting your caffeine fix. We also explore death by coffee, because that’s what the masses want. Right?

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On Having a Penis (Bone)

Technically speaking, a human penis can’t actually be ‘broken’. That’s because it’s made up not of bone, but of soft, spongy tissue. But what about animals? Do our close and not-so-close relatives possess boney penises? And if so, what is the function of a penis bone? The answer isn’t as simple as you might think.

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Chemistry is A Piece of Cake

When you think about it, baking involves a lot a of precision: measuring, timing, a certain gracefulness which yields a delectable product. And yet, few pastry chefs deem it necessary to understand what happens at a molecular level throughout the baking process. And what in the world is gluten??? That ends here; welcome to the chemistry of baking.

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