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A column for our team and the skeptical community to discuss the latest trends in science (and pseudoscience!)

No, Education is Not a Social Leveler

There is no doubt that inequality is a major issue for countries across the globe, albeit one that is actively being tackled now more than ever. We see terms like ‘equal opportunity’ and ‘equality of outcome’ thrown about; these are...

designer babies parent mother genetic editing

How To Create Designer Babies

Making alterations to your genome – also known as gene editing – is all the rage these days. Recent breakthroughs in this field enable us to make precise changes in the DNA, giving rise to many medical possibilities. While this...

laboratory lab 5S setup apparatus equipment long

Organize Your Lab With the 5S Method

The 5S methodology was first wholly adopted by the Toyota Motor Corporation to increase production yields while reducing costs. Today, companies realize the value of efficient workflows, whether in manufacturing industries or otherwise. While laboratories may not keep track of...