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A column for our team of skeptical writers to discuss the latest trends in science (and pseudoscience).

News Outlets and Social Media Might Be ‘Stretching’ Scientific Truth

What’s more dangerous than outright pseudoscience? The exaggeration of scientific truth by otherwise reliable sources, probably. Oftentimes, these outlets don’t intend to mislead their followers, but rather are a little bit too excited to share the latest ‘scientific’ news. But hey, you know what they say – something about paving roads with good intentions…

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How to Get on the Road to Research

As I approached the completion of my undergraduate degree, I was definitely unsure of how research worked and the expectations that were required of me going forward. This resulted in a bit of confusion as I learned the ropes and how to handle my newfound freedom as I set out to do some proper research.

Looking back, I think what would have benefited me greatly was some simple guidance as I transitioned from routine, scheduled lectures to the erratic and unpredictable world of research. Guidance such as this feature article co-written with a fantastic collaborator.

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Authority, Pseudoscience and Amy Cuddy

If you have stumbled upon TED talks or psychology news in the last five years, chances are you would have already read one of Amy Cuddy’s articles or watched her talks on ‘power posing’. Admittedly the argument that she weaves is actually convincing, and the simple fix she suggests to help with stressful situations most compelling. But what part of this claim is actually evidence based research, and what part is abusing authority to stretch scientific truth?

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Motivation For The Skeptical Chemist

Hello world.

Aside from taking up a few minutes of someone else’s time, what is the purpose of writing? More specifically, what place does scientific writing have in the life of a layman? This is a question that cannot be given a simple answer, because there is not simply one answer deserving of the question. In this post I will try my best to justify the reasoning and motivation behind this website.

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