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Explore the challenges facing drug discovery and research, including regulation and safety, and the process and costs of bringing them to market

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Cryotherapy For Cancer and Chronic Pain?

Exposing your body to temperatures around -150 °C (-300 °F) may seem like an absurd idea, with most people trying to avoid the cold. However, there exists a treatment that aims to do exactly that: cooling the body down to...

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Horseshoe Crabs Are Bloody Amazing

On the surface, horseshoe crabs are unexciting creatures. You might have come across one on the beach, a prehistoric scorpion/crab-like creature gliding slowly across the sand. But there is more to this unassuming creature than meets the eye. For starters,...

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Opioids: Both Blessing and Curse

Although pain has evolved to help humans survive, it is obviously not a pleasant experience. A solution to this problem is seemingly quick and easy – opioid painkillers! While millions benefit from its pain-relief activity, opioids are also highly addictive,...

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The First HIV Therapy Came About Before HIV

Drugs are designed to combat existing diseases; it makes little sense to invest time and money into developing a cure otherwise! Sometimes though, a previously discarded drug candidate can resurface years later to make an instant impact. Shelved for years,...