Author: Katharina

Cryotherapy For Cancer and Chronic Pain?

Exposing your body to temperatures around -150 °C (-300 °F) may seem like an absurd idea, with most people trying to avoid the cold. However, there exists a treatment that aims to do exactly that: cooling the body down to...

morphine opioid abuse needle syringe lighter spoon

Opioids: Both Blessing and Curse

Although pain has evolved to help humans survive, it is obviously not a pleasant experience. A solution to this problem is seemingly quick and easy – opioid painkillers! While millions benefit from its pain-relief activity, opioids are also highly addictive,...

squirrel hibernation red house tree eating

Squirrel Hibernation May Help Stroke Survivors

As winter approaches, squirrels collect nuts and bears gorge on food to gain weight. Animals of all sizes prepare for hibernation, in which they may sleep for up to seven months – something many of us would like to try....

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