The Skeptical Chemist was established in March 2017 as a means for communicating science-related articles to the general public in a fun and educational manner. We publish articles and tutorials that we hope will empower readers with insightful knowledge, while portraying scientific writing in a simple yet interesting light. We’re also active on social media (especially Instagram) where a large and ever-growing community of readers and contributors can be found!

Our pieces will always be reviewed, fact-checked and referenced where necessary – we cannot emphasize enough the need to only report scientifically accurate information that our readers can trust.

Submissions and collaborations are welcome! If you’re interested please contact us at hello@theskepticalchemist.com or through any of our social media platforms.


28 May 2018: The Skeptical Chemist v 2.0 has passed beta testing (just Sean messing about with a lot of CSS) and is now online! What do you think of our new look?

30 Mar 2018: We’ve just launched our very own store! For peeps in Singapore, you can check out our local store on Carousell.

14 Mar 2018: A BIG thank you to everyone involved as well as all our visitors, you’ve helped keep us going for 1 whole year!


14 Aug 2017: Just 5 months into this project and we have 2000 awesome Instagram followers!

1 July 2017: What do you think of our official TSC tee? You can get your hands on a couple of them if we publish your submitted article!

2 May 2017: 1000 visitors! You guys rock!

25 April 2017: 1000 Instagram followers? Who would’ve thought it.

16 April 2017: Our first giveaway on Instagram!

15 April 2017: We’re the proud owner of a subreddit!

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16 March 2017: Our Facebook and Instagram pages were created.

14 March 2017: On π Day 2017, Sean created this website in the hopes of promoting science education through his hobby of writing sciencey articles.