Welcome! This website showcases original, fun and educational content – our team aims to do this through scientifically accurate articles and literature. Who says scientists can’t take the literary path?

All posts are original! It’s one thing to share an interesting news article or a published paper but the posts on this website are written in the author’s own words for the enjoyment of everyone, regardless of scientific background. Of course, all facts and figures will be referenced for accuracy.

Submissions and collaborations are welcome! Please contact us.

The Team

Currently hunting down collaborators: physics/physical chemistry/chemical engineering graduates to provide articles and guides targeted at undergrad level.


Sean is a 20-something year old ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ graduate from the University of Melbourne. He now actually gets paid to do chemistry by Merck & Co. (MSD Singapore). He also enjoys writing. About himself. In third person.


Sara is a 21 year old medical student from Thailand. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, singing and playing the piano. She also rocks at photoshop. Sara is our in-house graphics artist and basically the go-to person for anything design related because Sean is aesthetically blind.


14 March 2017: On π Day 2017, Sean created this website in the hopes of promoting science education through his hobby of writing sciencey articles.

16 March 2017: Our Facebook and Instagram pages were created.

2 April 2017: Visit our Twitter page?

15 April 2017: We’re the proud owner of a subreddit!

16 April 2017: Our first giveaway on Instagram!

18 April 2017: We’ve published 10 articles! Thank you to all our readers so far 🙂

25 April 2017: 1000 Instagram followers? Who would’ve thought it.

1 May 2017: Our first Facebook book giveaway! More to come in the near future.

2 May 2017: 1000 visitors! You guys rock!

4 May 2017: We officially welcome Sara into the team! Although she was already doing graphics for the website from the start 🙂