About Us

The Skeptical Chemist was established in March 2017 as a means to communicate science-related topics to the general public in a fun yet reliable manner. We publish content that we hope will empower readers with insightful knowledge, while advocating the importance of rational and logical thinking. We’re also active on social media (especially Instagram) where a large and ever-growing community of readers and contributors can be found.

Our articles and tutorials will always be reviewed, fact-checked and referenced where necessary. News and social media outlets have the tendency to exaggerate scientific claims; being skeptics ourselves, we cannot emphasize enough the need to only publish scientifically accurate information that our readers can trust.

The Team

alejandra science writer
Alejandra is a biologist who has just finished goofing around/completed her MSc of Drug design and Biomedical Science at Edinburgh Napier University. She loves archery, science communication, and winning Instagram contests.
samuel science writer
Samuel writes guides using practical chemistry demonstrations to help explain tricky concepts taught in high school. Along with his chemistry studies at the University of Warwick, his hobbies include writing, ant keeping and plant growing.
katharina science writer
Katharina is our resident science writer and a biotechnology student at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. She talks a lot about microorganisms and chemical reactions (maybe too much sometimes).
shimin digital marketing sales
Shi Min handles digital marketing as well as our local store. She’s a STEM student at the National University of Singapore. Shi Min enjoys learning about stuff online and polishing up on her photography skills.
peggy eggumu
“Hello! I’m Peggy and I am a freelance illustrator. I graduated with a degree in Dietetics/Nutrition but have always had a passion in art!” Peggy is our go-to person for graphics, look out for her artwork littered around our site and social media.
will song IT expert
Will handles all the IT and coding-related stuff that nobody else understands ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and he fixes Sean’s broken CSS code in his free time.
sean chief editor
Sean is the Chief Editor at TSC. When he isn’t busy writing science he mixes chemicals for Merck. Or was it the other way round…?



11 August 2018: TSC’s first event at Carouselland, Marina Bay Sands

1 July 2018: We have a new YouTube account and Video page!

24 June 2018: Welcome Shi Min to the team! She will take on the role of marketing our site and handling our store.

6 June 2018: A big welcome to Peggy – who will be handling graphics and design related mishaps on TSC.

30 Mar 2018: We’ve just launched our very own store! For peeps in Singapore, you can check out our local store on Carousell.

14 Mar 2018: A BIG thank you to everyone involved as well as all our visitors, you’ve helped keep us going for 1 whole year!


1 July 2017: What do you think of our official TSC tee?

2 May 2017: 1000 visitors! You guys rock!

25 April 2017: 1000 Instagram followers? Who would’ve thought it.

15 April 2017: We’re the proud owner of a subreddit!

2 April 2017: Visit our Twitter page?

16 March 2017: Our Facebook and Instagram pages were created.

14 March 2017: On π Day 2017, Sean created this website in the hopes of promoting science education through his hobby of writing science articles.