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non gmo project butterfly non science

The Non-GMO Project is Actually Non-Science

A trip to your local supermarket is always a fun one, with tasty snacks tempting you in every aisle. On some food products, you might notice a ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’ label – complete with a benign-looking butterfly graphic – stamped...

person touching a tree trunk

Do Plants Feel Pain?

Plants are scientific enigmas; they are all around us, and yet we barely take notice of their existence. We know relatively little about how they respond to their environments because, well, it’s not like they can interact with us directly....

pills drugs on banknote money

Lipitor – The World’s All-Time Best Selling Drug

Since the 1950s, pharmaceutical companies have raced to discover and develop billion-dollar blockbuster drugs. In the face of stiff competition, only a handful are able to remain relevant over the course of many years; Rituxan, Advair and Humira are several...

sleep pillow woman bed sleeping

The Science Behind Sleeping

In modern society, there are many essential behaviors that are often overlooked. Due to the frenetic speed of our lives, we often pay little attention to the basic needs of our body such as eating, drinking, exercising or sleeping properly....